Foot reflexologyReflexology is a massage technique in which you apply pressure to the reflex zones on the feet and hands to provide a deep relaxation and to stimulate the body’s own healing processes. Reflexology is a natural and safe way of massage that stimulates your immune system by clearing toxins from your body and it calms your mind.
The theory on which the reflexology treatment is based, assumes that all parts of the body are connected to specific reflex points on the hands and feet. By stimulating these reflex points you can trigger a reaction in the corresponding body part. Thus, by massaging only the feet you can stimulate the whole body.
During the times of the Egyptian Pharaohs (4500 years ago) they were already using reflexology techniques. There are paintings in the tomb of the Egyptian physician Ankmahor that depict two patients receiving a foot reflexology massage. Ankmahot was one of the most influential people of those times in Egypt.
Logos massageThe feet are the furthest away from the heart and therefore the blood circulation tends to stagnate in the feet. Especially when the calf muscles don’t pump the blood properly through the body. Foot reflexology stimulates the blood flow and helps to prevent diseases such as trombosis.
For receiving a foot reflexology massage you can sit in a chair with a footstool to rest one of the legs on. The legs should be exposed till above the knee because the legs are also massaged during a foot reflexology massage.
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